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Appealing a Criminal Conviction

When the jury returns a guilty verdict in a criminal case, for the accused defendant, it can feel like there is no hope.  For those who have been convicted, however, there is another step in the litigation process: an appeal.

During the appeal process, the trial court’s decision is placed before the circuit of appeals in order to argue for either:

  • A reduction of the sentence
  • A dismissal of the verdict
  • A new trial

Appealing is not an opportunity to relitigate the facts of the case. Instead, the appeal process allows the convicted party to argue about some potential issues that have arisen during the trial.

There are three very broad categories of appeal. The first is a legal error. The legal error may be the judge improperly ruling that evidence should or should not have been allowed the improper application of the law, or improper jury instructions. 

The second major cause for appeal is jury misconduct. This may mean that a juror disregarded instructions, a juror was improperly biased, or in some way behaved inappropriately that made the trial unfair.

The final path for appeal is to claim “ineffective counsel.” This claim cannot be invoked merely because someone was found guilty. Rather, the claim must show that the attorney in some way caused the conviction through negligent behavior.

If you have been convicted of a crime and are seeking to appeal the decision, you will need a criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense attorney can help find the best strategy for your appeal and give you the best chance at a reduction or overturning of your conviction. 

Unlike a public defender, a private defense attorney can commit their full attention to your case. The best place to find a competent and skilled criminal defense attorney is Attorney at Law.

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