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Auto Accidents: 5 Major Mistakes

Auto accidents are a big deal. In the moments immediately after an auto accident, it can be difficult to find one’s bearings and properly assess the situation. After an accident, a few common mistakes can seriously impact the compensation recovered from the other driver and the insurance company. 

In order to keep readers in the know, Attorney at Law is counting down five major mistakes that drivers in auto accidents should avoid.

5. Oversharing

While it can be jarring to go through auto accidents, it is important that as few people know the details as possible. If the other driver or the insurance company decide to take the incident to court, all of the phone records, emails, text messages, and any other form of recorded media will be discoverable by the opposition. In order to keep liability to a minimum, an individual may want to avoid disclosing details to anyone other than the police and other parties they are legally obligated to talk to.

4. Recording a statement

One of the more devastating things that can happen to victims of auto accidents is for them to tell their insurance company the series of events only to have those events used against them. In a no-fault state, drivers should be wary of how they portray their case to both their own insurance company and the other side. Once a statement has been recorded, it can be used against the driver at another time.

3. Admitting fault

While it may seem heartless, even apologizing can be used against a driver in an auto accident. “I’m sorry” may be understood by some people to be an admission of guilt, thereby claiming fault for the accident. At no point is it recommended that either driver admit to doing anything wrong, as this can be used to prove that they were the ones at fault for the incident. 

2. Leaving the scene

Immediately after an accident can be chaotic. At that moment, a driver may wonder whether they really hit anything, whether anyone saw them, or whether they should stop. If an individual’s vehicle makes contact with anything, there has been an accident. If the individual leaves the scene of an accident, they may be charged with hit-and-run which could be brought as a felony. As stressful as it may seem, staying at the scene is always the right thing to do. 

1. Not consulting an attorney

One of the worst mistakes that any driver in an auto accident makes is not consulting an experienced auto accident attorney. An experienced attorney can negotiate on your behalf, pursue the best outcome from insurance agencies, and construct your version of events in a way that does not place blame on you automatically. 

For the best possible outcome after an incident, an experienced auto accident attorney is indispensable. The best way to find an auto accident attorney in your area is with Attorney at Law.

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