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Collaborative Divorce: How it Works

The word “divorce” often conjures images of stone-faced couples in a courtroom showdown. While some divorces can be a lengthy and painful legal duel, some processes exist to make divorce a smoother, more civil process. One legal solution for an amicable divorce is collaborative divorce. 

Collaborative divorce is a legal process designed to help couples sort out the major details of their divorce without having to have a formal legal battle in front of a judge. Collaborative divorce works through a combination of mediation and negotiation. The collaborative divorce process seeks to settle major areas of contention such as:

  • Alimony payments
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Debt division
  • Property division or sharing

The key part of a collaborative divorce is the cooperation of both spouses. If either spouse is unable or unwilling to compromise on the things that they want out of the divorce, a collaborative solution will not be possible. Attorneys will still be present for a collaborative divorce, but they should specialize in alternative dispute resolution like mediation so they don’t rush to place every point of issue in front of a judge to rule on.

If you are considering a collaborative divorce, you will need a divorce & family law attorney who has experience in these alternate dispute resolution skills. The best place to find a divorce & family law attorney who specializes in collaborative divorce and mediation is Attorney at Law.

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