Common Auto Accident Injuries

An accident is scary. Not only can it damage a vehicle that may be vital for work or transportation, but it can also seriously injure the body. Many injuries are complex or hard to recognize, so Attorney at Law has compiled some common types of injuries that arise from an automobile collision.

Lacerations & Abrasions

The most common type of damage, lacerations and abrasions are the cuts, scrapes, or other minor injuries that occur from the impact of the accident. Perhaps a sharp piece of glass or plastic caused a cut, or the airbag caused a burn or scrape on the skin. While most of these cases can be mild, a deep laceration in an area containing nerves could contribute to paralysis or loss of motion in that area and a deep laceration could endanger the victim’s life through traumatic blood loss.

Soft Tissue Damage

Soft tissue damage is hard to see. The injuries in this category are done to tissues beneath the skin. Whiplash, an injury resulting from the sudden and damaging stretching of head and neck muscles, is the most common form of soft tissue damage. Nevertheless, these injuries can occur all over the body, particularly in the back and spine areas where the ligaments or muscles can be seriously damaged.

Arm and Leg Injuries

Arm and leg injuries are another easily recognizable injury arising from a car accident. While some arm and leg injuries are only a bruise, others can increase in severity from a sprain all the way up to a full fracture or even breakage. These injuries can be particularly damaging to an individual’s ability to earn a living if it requires the full use of one’s arms or legs.

Chest Injuries

Chest injuries are a particularly dangerous category of harm that arises from a car accident. Even a bruise to the chest in the wrong place can interrupt the heart’s beating, damage the stomach, or even collapse a lung. Additionally, a car accident can also result in broken ribs which can then perforate internal organs or just be immensely painful as they heal.

Head Injuries

The most serious of the typical automobile collision injuries, a head injury is almost never harmless. Even a simple bruise could lead to a concussion which can seriously impair the driver’s neural functionality. If a driver is impacted suddenly enough, the impact could even lead to an aneurysm or cranial hemorrhage, both of which could be potentially fatal.

If you have suffered an injury as the result of a car accident, whether as another driver or as a pedestrian, contact an attorney to assess your options. An experienced auto accident attorney could help you recover the compensation needed to pay medical bills, or manage expenses until you can return to work.


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