DUI: The Real Costs

Driving under the influence of alcohol remains a huge killer in America. 103,790 people have died in alcohol-impaired car accidents across the nation from 2009-2018. The human cost of drunk driving alone is appalling.

The risk to life, however, is not the only risk taken when driving drunk. Since 1980, laws concerning driving while under the influence (DUI) have increased in severity. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)  states that being convicted of a first-time DUI offense can result in fines and fees exceeding $10,000. 

Additionally, a conviction for driving under the influence can result in the loss of the driver’s license, the installation of an ignition lock device, or jail time. All of these events can greatly disrupt the life of the accused. That’s why it is of paramount importance to take efforts to prevent a DUI conviction.

One way to prevent a DUI conviction is to always practice responsible driving practices. Some of these practices highlighted by the NHTSA include:

  • Planning how to get home before attending a gathering where there will be alcohol and sticking to that plan. 
  • Choosing a designated driver who can be trusted not to drink and get everyone home safe.
  • Not allowing a drunk friend to drive home, either by giving them a ride, calling a cab, or making accommodations for them that don’t include driving. 
  • Not being the drunk individual who attempts to drive home.
  • Calling a taxi, ride service, or sober friend if you are intoxicated 
  • Having a host who ensures that all guests leave with a sober driver.
  • Always wearing a seat belt

Prevention is the best way to avoid a charge. If you have already been arrested or charged with a DUI, the best thing to do is call an attorney. An attorney can protect their clients from self-incrimination, and plead down a DUI charge so the more life-altering effects of the charges can be mitigated.

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