Know The Law: Adoption and Termination of Parental Rights

There is nothing quite so life-changing to a child as adoption. Being chosen by a family and going to a new forever home can greatly impact the trajectory of a child’s life. This process is far from simple, however, and the best way for parents to ensure that they are able to bring home their new chosen child is with the help of an experienced adoption attorney.

Adoption has several stages once the parents have decided which child is the best fit for their family. One of the most pivotal proceedings is the Termination of Parental Rights (TPR). During the TPR process, a judge will officially strip the adoptee’s birth parents and their families of any legal claim to the prospective adoptee. Once the TPR process has been completed, the child is now legally free to be adopted.

This process can be voluntary, but if it is involuntary then an experienced adoption attorney can be a great asset to parents trying to adopt. Adoption attorneys can also be helpful if the TPR is voluntary since in some states birth parents will have a window to revoke their TPR agreement or attempt to appeal it. In both cases, having an experienced legal advocate can ensure that this is not the end of a parent’s adoption process.

Additionally, if parents are trying to adopt a child who lives in another country, an adoption attorney is essential to navigate the immigration, domestic, and foreign laws. Many times foreig adoptions will be closely scrutinized, and the expertise of an experienced adoption attorney can be a lifesaving asset.

If your family is considering adopting a child, especially if that child is in another country, you should contact an attorney to ensure that your application is in full compliance with all municipal, state, and federal adoption laws. 

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