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Seven letters that every spouse dreads: Divorce. Whatever the reason, divorce is an emotionally fraught affair that can devastate all parties. In addition to the emotional damage, divorce and child custody can be intense legal proceedings as well. Without an experienced family law attorney, you may end up with a divorce and ensuing custody agreement that is not in your best interest. 

Protecting Your Familial Rights

During the beginning stages of a family law dispute, it may seem better to keep the courts out of it in order to not escalate things and remain amicable for your partner. However, an attorney can offer a myriad of services that could prevent you from losing out big when things do go to court.

An experienced family law attorney who is there early on can preserve the record of events, negotiate fair division of assets, and take beneficial testimony all before ever setting foot in the courtroom. Once things officially transfer to the courtroom, a family law attorney is invaluable. 

In addition to being a calm and collected advocate on your behalf for these emotionally loaded issues, a family law attorney has experience arguing these issues in ways that you likely do not. Some of the areas that a family law attorney can help you include:

  • Assigning child support
  • Negotiating a fair amount of child support
  • Negotiating alimony
  • Gaining or retaining custody
  • Settling disputes of property or assets

These are just the benefits of a family law attorney in a traditional divorce. In a divorce where there was a cause, your attorney can ensure the best possible outcome for you once things go before the judge. 

Additionally, family law attorneys are also helpful after the proceedings have concluded in ways you may not know. For example, a family law attorney can argue for changes to be made to alimony agreements, custody schedules, or child support payments. All of these things can help you recover from a particularly devastating or troublesome divorce. 

In many ways, showing up in a family court without an attorney may seem like a way to maintain the temperature but, in reality, it is more akin to shooting yourself in the foot. If the divorce is amicable, your attorney can be an arbiter for the proceedings and, if the proceedings are more serious than you anticipated, then an experienced family law attorney can protect your rights and assets from the ensuing ambush. 

Helping You Seek Justice

Attorneys play an important role in the family law space. As detached yet zealous advocates, they are able to calmly advance their client’s interests without becoming incensed or entangled in the complicated emotional turmoil that can swirl around proceedings. 

An experienced family law attorney can help to efficiently negotiate the separation of property and assets, the delegation and level of alimony payments, the custody and potential child support, and any other issues of contention in a fair and beneficial way. Without a reliable guide, however, it is easy to get lost in the sea of family law attorneys advertising their services as superior. 

At Attorney at Law, we only partner with the best attorneys in the nation. Our partner firms have a proven track record of empathy, resourcefulness, and an exceptional number of successful cases. Family law proceedings are already confusing, upsetting, and potentially overwhelming. Let AAL handle the stress of finding the best attorney for you and your family. 

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