Mass Torts Law

Mass Torts are a vast category of lawsuits that broadly consist of defective drugs and dangerous medical devices. In all cases, these products have hurt too many consumers to deal with these cases individually. Therefore, in an effort to give consumers a fair and speedy trial, the individual cases are consolidated against the larger corporations. 

Experienced mass tort attorneys are responsible for returning billions of dollars to wronged patients and consumers in addition to advancing justice for millions of wrongful deaths. 

Idle Carelessness of Corporations

There is one core feature at the heart of every mass tort that has ever been consolidated: this didn’t have to happen. The thesis of thousands of claims is that this was not inevitable, it was the result of negligence. 

Millions of consumers could have been spared injury, pain, suffering, and death if only a single extra step had been taken. If metal-on-metal hips had been tested for longer periods in live tissue, then the thousands of patients who received them wouldn’t have suffered the bone loss and destruction of their tissue that they did.  

If opioid manufacturers had been upfront with doctors about the risk of addiction and the dangers of overprescribing, then millions of patients would have avoided addiction and death. If transvaginal mesh manufacturers had actually listened to the testimony of trial volunteers who recounted pain and discomfort, then thousands of other women could have been spared. 

All of this isn’t even including the accounts of corporations who went a step further than mere ignorance. Manufacturers who marketed to doctors, ignored mounting evidence that their product could cause real harm, and downplayed studies as “unproven” or “not definitive enough” to compensate patients. 

Mass tort attorneys have heard the stories of millions of people like you who have been wronged by the idle carelessness of corporations. That is why experienced mass tort attorneys have pursued thousands of cases across the nation with the sole objective of taking back the compensation that has so long been denied to these patients. 

Helping You Seek Justice

Without an experienced mass tort attorney, fighting these corporations for compensation is like fighting a many-headed hydra. Instead of struggling alone, you could reach out to an entire law firm dedicated to helping you succeed. 

If you or a loved one have suffered, been injured, or died as the result of a defective drug, dangerous device, or problematic product, joining a mass tort lawsuit may be your only chance at recovering the compensation needed to help you contend with the fallout. 

An experienced mass torts attorney can file a claim to join a mass tort lawsuit on your behalf, consolidate claims, and represent you and others against the corporations that have wronged so many.

If you want to add your voice to the outcry for justice, you will need an experienced mass torts attorney to give you the platform you need. To find that attorney, you will need the help of Attorney at Law. 

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