Most Common Personal Injury Causes

Personal injury. Two words most often heard by consumers in the context of a lawsuit. The commonality of this type of lawsuit is directly tied to its broad application. There are hundreds if not thousands of potential scenarios in which a personal injury could conceivably occur. 

With such a broad definition, someone else’s wrongful conduct causes harm to the victim, personal injury can be difficult to see in practice. While the decisive knowledge of whether a personal injury claim is likely to succeed lies with an experienced personal injury attorney, Attorney at Law has compiled a short list of some common circumstances that can lead to a personal injury lawsuit. 

Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents give rise to the largest class of personal injury lawsuits. One of the biggest legal hurdles in a personal injury lawsuit is proving negligence. Negligence can only arise when the defendant had a duty of care for the victim. On the road, however, all drivers have a duty to one another to follow all rules of the road and to be alert and attentive while driving. 

Personal injury arising from automobile accidents can be a number of physical harms, or they can be the financial harms of being unable to work or perform necessary duties.

Medical Malpractice

Another field where duty of care is relatively simple to discern is with medical malpractice cases. A doctor, nurse, or healthcare provider is bound to provide patients with the best possible care and act in their best interest. 

Medical malpractice personal injury lawsuits may include prescribing medication without understanding fully the side effects, botching a surgical procedure due, or performing unnecessary procedures. 

Premise Liability

The most common form of premise liability is the classic slip-and-fall scenario. Most premises liability derives from a place not taking a reasonable amount of car in protecting visitors from a hazard such as a wet floor.

If you have suffered an injury in one of the circumstances detailed above, you should contact an attorney. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you acquire the compensation that you deserve for your case to pay for medical expenses, or lost wages.

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