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Paraquat and Parkinson’s: The Link

Paraquat is a highly volatile herbicide manufactured by the Syngenta Group, Chevron Chemical Company, the Adama Group and others. While paraquat has seen heavy use in recent years, some prominent groups have been investigating the herbicide’s potential connection to Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological condition where the cells controlling dopamine production die or stop working. Since dopamine coordinates movement, common Parkinson’s symptoms include tremors, slowness, stiffness, and walking and balance problems.

In 2010, a review in discussed how epidemiological studies and rodent testing have linked inhalation of paraquat and the development of Parkinson’s. This has been supported by studies as recent as 2021, and paraquat has been officially linked to Parkinson’s by the Micheal J. Fox Foundation

Despite the growing amount of research that suggests that paraquat may have a significant connection to the development of Parkinson’s, the U.S. Center for Disease Control does not state the risk or potential risk of any neurological damage from paraquat exposure on their official fact-sheet. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency does mention the potential link to Parkinson’s on its paraquat page but states that there is not sufficient evidence to make a formal connection between paraquat and “any of the health outcomes investigated.”

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