Tips For What to Do in an Auto Accident

An automobile accident is a traumatic event. Even if the event is only minor, there can be immediate and multiple stressors that confuse and distract people from their rights and responsibilities. For that reason, Attorney at Law has assembled this collection of tips for any individual that finds themselves in this unfortunate situation. 

Immediately After the Accident

  • Assess the health of yourself and all passengers
  • Assess the health of any other individuals involved in the incident and call 911 if there are any serious injuries
  • Assess the damage to the vehicles. If the vehicles are driveable, move them out of the path of traffic and call the non-emergency police line. 

Once The Immediate Danger Has Subsided

  • Secure all possessions and valuables in the car, taking note of anything that was damaged or destroyed
  • Make contact with the other members of the incident
    • Take down driver and passenger names and contact information.
    • Note the Vehicle descriptions like the make, model, and year.
    • Capture the driver’s license numbers and the vehicle’s license plate numbers.
    • Exchange insurance information including company name and policy numbers.
  • Take photos of the incident including any damage to either party’s vehicle
  • Make note of any eyewitnesses to the incident. If possible get names and contact information, as well as their account of what happened.
  • Mark where the incident occurred with as much specificity as possible including the address or nearby landmarks.

When the Police Arrive

  • Record the police officer’s name and badge number.
  • Give a complete, accurate, and truthful account of what happened

In the aftermath of an accident, individuals are not required to admit fault. Admitting fault to any party may result in a worse outcome.

In some cases, one member of the incident may decide that they would like to file suit against another. Sometimes, the insurance company of an individual in an accident does not feel compelled to pay out for the accident. In either of these event, contacting an attorney is highly recommended. 

An experienced accident attorney can ensure that their client is receiving a just payout from their insurance company and protecting their client’s interests to ensure the best outcome in the event of a lawsuit. 

If you have been in a car accident and feel you are not receiving a just outcome, contact an attorney.

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