Image of a farmer spraying herbicide on a field.

What is Paraquat?

Herbicides are a common feature of modern agriculture. The backbreaking labor of clearing fields of weeds has been replaced by drenching fields with chemicals designed to destroy invading plant life. One such herbicide is paraquat.

Despite its wide use, not many people know about paraquat. Unlike its cousin Roundup, which is available in both industrial and commercial quantities, paraquat can only be purchased by a licensed user. The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) refers to this license barrier as “restricted use.”

Paraquat is a restricted use herbicide because the CDC has classified it as “highly poisonous.” If paraquat is eaten, drunk, absorbed through the skin, or in some way taken into the body, it can be highly damaging or fatal. The CDC has also noted that it is very easy for paraquat to be mixed with food, drink, and even plant products such as marijuana. If the paraquat has not been treated with some kind of artificial color, odor, or vomiting agent, consumers could end up unknowingly poisoning themselves. 

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