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What is Talcum Powder?

Since 1890, talcum powder has existed in one form or another. From its use as a component in cosmetics to its direct application for various body regions and baby powder, talcum powder has infiltrated most areas of American hygiene and beauty. Unfortunately, consumers have found that contaminated talcum products can have fatal effects on consumer health.

Talc is a fine, white mineral that is used in keeping things dry. This has led to talc being used in its raw state to keep moisture out of bodily areas as well as in cosmetics.

While talc is not innately dangerous, it forms near a dangerous mineral: asbestos. If the product is not rigorously tested before use, asbestos can slip in with the talc. Asbestos has been linked to numerous forms of cancer from being inhaled, consumed, or absorbed into the body. Because talcum powder is often applied to the genital area, contaminated talcum powder has been connected with thousands of cases of ovarian cancer. 

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