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What Mass Torts Do For You

When people hear about mass torts, they might think of large settlements or defective products. But mass torts actually serve an important purpose in the balance of power between regulators, manufacturers, and consumers. 

A single victim of a dangerous product can try to face down an entire corporation, but they will most likely lose. When thousands of victims band together, real change can begin to happen as the victims’ shared resources and attorneys help put them on a more even playing field with the corporations that hurt them.


The fundamental purpose of a mass tort lawsuit is to make manufacturers accountable for their products and their actions. These lawsuits make manufacturers pay out the money that they made selling their harmful products back to the victims and sometimes to the state. 

Making manufacturers pay damages gives money back to victims; Making manufacturers pay punitive damages holds them accountable for reckless, deliberate, or grossly negligent conduct. 

Consumer Safety

Mass tort cases target drugs, medical devices, or other products that have caused harm to a large number of people. From exploding lithium batteries in e-cigarettes to metal-on-metal hip implants, these products physically and emotionally impact people. 

Through the process of filing and pursuing these lawsuits, these products may be deemed unsafe, and some have been pulled from shelves entirely. Without the amount of attention and consequence that mass torts draw, these unsafe products may have lingered on the market to hurt even more unsuspecting consumers.

Victim Justice

The biggest benefit that mass tort lawsuits serve is to give back to the community of victims hurt by a product. These victims invested in products they believed would benefit their lives. Instead, they were unexpectedly struck by severe, life-altering side effects. 

When someone’s life is altered by a product and they suddenly have to contend with medical bills and/or a new chronic condition, mass tort lawsuits help them claw back the costs of those treatments from the group responsible: manufacturers.


Mass torts are not just another lawsuit. These legal movements can spark meaningful regulation and reform by showing where there are cracks in the system. These lawsuits can also show the harm a device or substance can cause.

In these instances, scientists, law makers, and regulators can see the real-world consequences of inadequate research and regulation. These lawsuits can also inform ordinary consumers about risks they may not have been aware of, sparking grassroots movements for increased safety and regulatory measures. 

It may not seem like much when a single victim joins a mass torts case, but each individual adds up to thousands of people pushing for justice. While a lawsuit cannot undo all the damage, it can help victims recover and find a new normal.

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